Tech Note:

How should I protect my Mac?

 The two most expensive kinds of damage I see are spills and drops. Even Apple’s extended Applecare service doesn’t cover “customer damage” so when this most common occurrence happens to you, will you be ready? 

 Many small spills won’t get down to the fragile interior parts if you have a keyboard cover*. These are cheaper than having me open your Mac, say nothing of having to replace parts. 

 A laptop case may help for small drops (not setting Mac down softly), as long as it’s not when it falls (falls are bad for Mac). The neoprene cases* are nice and protective, but usually are taken off when in use. The hard shell cases* are fun and colorful, but don’t help much when your Mac hits the floor (nothing does). 

You should also check your (or your parent’s) homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers accidental damage to laptops. Often damage is done to the logic board, which cost almost as much to replace as buying a whole new Mac. If your deductible is close to the price of a new Mac, it won’t do you much good either. 

 An alternative if the homeowners option isn’t available to you is a SquareTrade warrantee. This is typically around $160 to cover equipment up to $1200. See details at, and read reviews before buying.

 Next time, we’ll talk about what to do immediately if a spill happens to minimize damage.

 -Ark Lemal
Vermont’s On-Demand IT Department
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator  • Apple Consultants Network

*Keyboard covers, Neoprene Cases and Hard Shell Cases are sold in the College Bookstore located next to Apple Desk in a variety of colors.



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